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4 things are the Gift of MULTAN - Dust, Heat, Beggers, Grave Yards
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This branch has to bring public out reach and liaison of MDA in media and other public forums. Headed by Public Relations Officer, this branch keeps watch on  all the newspaper to collect daily news about MDA and WASA and its functionaries, keeps interaction with newspapers; disperses advertisements of MDA in different newspapers and flash media coverage to MDA's ongoing project.

Headed by an Assistant Director, the computer cell is responsible of all the IT jobs of the institution vis-à-vis development of in-house software, training to the staff, preparation of multimedia briefs and various IT related jobs requested from time to time from other branches.

Opened in January 2000, this cell provides to the general public, all the services of MDA at one front reception desk vis-à-vis: allotment of plots; payments; delivery of possession; execution of sale agreement; issuance of Entitlement Performa (EM Performa); issuance of proprietary rights/sale deeds; sanction of building plans; issuance of NOC for transfer of plots, issuance of site plan; sanction of private housing scheme; and NOC for private housing schemes. The public complaints are also received and redressed at this desk.


Headed by Land Control Officer and supported by 2 Sub Inspectors, 2 Assistant Sub Inspectors, 4 Head Constables and 15 Constable of The Punjab Police (on deputation on MDA), this branch takes care of MDA lands and estate.
To evict the encroachers, they execute summary trial and later prosecute them to MDA Magistrate; demolishing of illegal constructions (constructions being raised without MDA's approval and take action against developers that launch   housing colonies in MDA area without approval. This branch has support of police and magisterial powers.

Headed by a licensed physician as Medical Officer, this branch is dedicated to diagnose the health problems related to MDA and WASA employees. Referring them to consultants and or for laboratory tests, if so required and prescribing the medicine. MDA has a number of medicine stores in different corners of the city which provide medicine to the employees as per MO’s prescription. This branch totally support to the employees and their families.

Responsibilities of this branch include: arrangements of meetings of MDA's Governing Body; inter-directorate meetings; arrangement of inter-directorate meetings; implementation of decisions taken in the meetings; inter-directorate coordination; coordination with district government and provincial departments; and to deal with general affairs especially those related to the human resource of MDA

The judicial court in MDA is working in accordance with the provision of The Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976. The court, headed by a judicial magistrate, (on deputation in MDA) imposes penalty on the individuals/parties involved in violation of building bylaws; encroachments; illegal commercial use of residential properties; illegal private housing schemes; and if any developer has not completed development works in an approved private housing schemes. Town Planning Directorate and Land Control Branch of MDA are the prosecuting branches that make complaints to judicial courts.


This branch conducts engineering surveys for developmental projects. They also prepare traffic management plans, traffic engineering proposals, geometric designs, road safety plans, pedestrian safety plans and other engineering related jobs. This branch keeps coordination between various formations of engineering directorate, checking of contractors progress and review of contractors bills on behalf of Director Engineering MDA.


Development of MDA Housing Schemes
Construction of Roads
Development of Katchi Abadis
Maintenance of MDA controlled roads
Maintenance of Road making machinery
Maintenance of MDA vehicles


Development and maintenance of MDA Parks
Construction of roads
Presently working on mega projects like Northern Bypass and other road projects under the CM Package


Construction of bypass roads and intersections
Maintenance of MDA Housing Schemes
Development and maintenance of MDA Parks
Maintenance of MDA buildings

This branch is responsible to maintain MDA’s fleet. They have to acquire POL to get repair of MDA vehicles. They are responsible to sell the old vehicles on auction and buy new one when needed. Headed by a Motor Transport Officer (BS-16), this branch is supported by a number of official drivers and mechanics of different disciplines.


This branch is responsible to provide legal support to for cases of MDA in court of law. Headed by Assistant Director Legal, the branch has the support of four(4) part time fixed-pay legal advisors.
At present there are 160 cases pending adjudication in high court, 590 in district courts and 9 in labor court. During 2007, 200 cases have been decided
There are 8 cases pending adjudication in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Headed by an Assistant Director, this branch is entrusted to keep all the record of katchi abadis of Multan vis-à-vis its surveys, dispersing off the proprietary rights to the dwellers, receiving the subsidized cost of land and development charges from the dwellers and sending all the current information (on monthly basis) to Director General Katchi Abadis Punjab, Lahore.

This branch is headed by Land Acquisition Collector an official from Revenue Department on deputation. He is supported by number of patwaris and a girdawar to run the business of land acquistion. This branch is responsible to acquire land for MDA's developmental projects. Conduction of surveys to prepare the list of owners and addresses from revenue record, serving upon them the notices under Land Acquisition Act and announcing payment award are the main responsibilities.


Headed by a deputy director and supported by an assistant director and a number of building inspectors, the main responsibilities of the cell are:
building control in MDA's controlled area;
building control of all the approved private housing schemes and land subdivisions. Other include the
approval of new private housing schemes and land subdivisions;
NOC cases and preparation/revision of Master Plan for future development of Multan City. The Master Plan of 1987 was prepared by this cell in-house but Master Plan 2007 has been awarded to the consultants.  


The information on this web is subject to change by the rules and policy decision of the governing body or authorised agency of MDA and any inadvertent error or omission shall not be questionable in any court of law.